The Union

P.E.TA.G.A. is a travel agents’ association, founded in 1983, with a mission to safeguard, study and promote the common financial, social and professional interests of travel agencies that are involved with airline ticket distribution. 98% of our membership are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), while their participation in air ticket sales in Greece is over 73% of the combined total. Annual sales average reaches approximately 1 billion euro while domestic ticket sales reach 190 million euro per year.

Many of our members have branches abroad and work with major agencies and overseas clients.

The Union brings together businesses/travel agencies that deal with corporate travel, individual or group travel, with the organisation of all nature of recreational travel, domestic or outgoing, marine crew transportation, international congress organization, incoming tourism and cruises.

The P.E.TA.G.A. family is comprised of leading travel agencies within the tourism sector, as well as intermediate and smaller ticketing enterprises. Many of our members work with the Public sector and facilitate the transportation of its executives within the country and abroad.

The Union has played a catalytic role in the structure of the tourism sector and the handling of varied and complex situations – which are not always straightforward. The constant and constructive collaboration with the authorities and stakeholders, such as the airline companies, the reservations systems, etc., constitutes the basic concern of P.E.TA.G.A., who is recognized as a reliable interlocutor, advisor and partner.

The radical reformation in air transport that is taking place on a global level and which leads to essential shifts in our field of business, is the subject of systematic study and the necessary adaptations to the framework of interests of the enterprises in our sector.

Mission Statement

To fulfil this purpose, P.E.TA.G.A. interacts with public, administrative and judicial authorities, local government, professional associations and travel union organizations both domestic and abroad, as well as air travel and tourism stakeholders in order to ensure and safeguard the professional interests of its members.